ASTM E1557 UNIFORMAT II Excel Elemental Estimating Spreadsheet ASTM_E1557_UNIFORMAT_II_Excel_Elemental_Estimating_Spreadsheet_

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The download file contains the following items:

  1. charette-analysis-12-4-4-blank.xls -- a preformatted blank spreadsheet for your project
  2. charette-analysis-12-4-4-example.xls -- a preformatted example spreadsheet with data filled in
  3. manual-v1-24-4.pdf -- a 46-page instruction manual with every step explained
  4. nistir-6389.pdf -- NISTIR 6389: UNIFORMAT II Elemental Classification for Building Specifications, Cost Estimating, and Cost Analysis, the U.S. Department of Commerce publication that explains the UNIFORMAT II standard with examples to guide you in completing your project(s) spreadsheets (110 pages)
  5. estimating-and-design-cost-analysis.pdf -- UNIFORMAT II Estimating and Design Cost Analysis from Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design (14 pages)
  6. ve-team-performance.pdf -- Increase VE Team Performance with UNIFORMAT II, SAVE 2004 Conference (18 pages)

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