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Through seminars, presentations, and other pedagogical activities, at colleges, universities, and in other professional forums, Charette and Huxley have each sought to communicate their knowledge to others.

However, we are now no longer able to provide this information on-demand or in 'live' sessions. Through the coming months we will be reviewing our past work with a view to publishing relevant, edited, articles within this website. This is expected to be a long, and perhaps painful, process as we'll not only need to sift through a large volume of material, but will have to make some hard decisions on what to retain and what to discard.

Seminars and Presentations

Charette has been particularly prolific in this area, with a heavy emphasis on Life Cycle costing, as the following abbreviated list of seminars indicates:

Life Cycle Costing, UNIFORMAT II, and Value Engineering seminars have been presented to:

  • Public Works Canada in, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec;
  • ASHRAE Chapters in Canada and the USA;
  • Canada Green Building Council Chapters (CGBC) in Canada;
  • CIQS Chapters in Canada;
  • Rank–Xerox in London and Paris;
  • National Defence Canada in Ottawa.


  • ASHRAE – Life Cycle Costing To Evaluate Energy Alternatives;
  • CGBC – Life Cycle Costing for Green Building Design;
  • SAVE – Increase VE Productivity With UNIFORMAT II.