Personal Publications

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Charette and Huxley have collaborated for many years, between themselves and with others. Each has also pursued their own agenda of written and oral presentation. Some examples of their work specifically related to UNIFORMAT II are listed below.


  •  Charette, Robert P. and Marshall, Harold E. UNIFORMAT II Elemental Classification for Building Specifications, Cost Estimating, and Cost Analysis, NIST 6389, U.S. Department of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), 1999, Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Bowen, Brian, Robert Charette, and Harold Marshall. 1992. UNIFORMAT II - A Recommended Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework. NIST Special Publication 841, Gaithersburg, VA: National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Charette, Robert, Brian Bowen. 1997. UNIFORMAT II for Estimating and Design Cost Analysis. Section 1.14 Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data. Seventh Edition, McGraw Hill.
  • Charette, Robert P., and Shooner, Anik, Increase VE Team Performance with the UNIFORMAT II Standard Classification Of Building Elements and Related Sitework - December 1995, The Canadian Value Analysis Society Journal Optimum V.
  • Charette, Robert P. and Anik Shooner 1995. Using UNIFORMAT II in Preliminary Design and Planning. Chapter 25. Means Square Foot Estimating. Second Edition. Kingston MA: R.S. Means Company.
  • Bowen, Brian and Robert P. Charette. Elemental Cost Classification for Building Design. Proceedings of the American Association of Cost Engineers 1991 Conference, Seattle.

Oral Presentation

  • Canadian Society of Value Analysis – 2010 – ASTM’s UNIFORMAT II applied to Civil Works: A Progress Report.
  • American Association of Cost Engineers – 1991 – Building Design Estimate Accuracy: What’s Reasonable?
  • Competition of Innovative Ideas in Construction – Sixth Canadian Construction Congress, 1990 – National Elemental Design/Cost Classification Standard.

Technical Contact for ASTM International Standards:

  • E1557 – Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework – UNIFORMAT II.
  • E2083 – Standard Classification of Building Construction Field Requirements, and Office Overhead & Profit.
  • E2168 – Standard Classification for Allowance, Contingency and Reserve Sums in Building Construction Estimating.
  • E2514 – Standard Practice for Presentation Format of Elemental Cost Estimates, Summaries, and Analyses.

Publication Contributions

Charette has contributed to publications by R.S. Means

  • Square Foot & UNIFORMAT Assemblies Estimating Guide, 3rd Ed., Catalog No. 67145A
  • Annual Assemblies Cost Data, Catalog No. 60063
  • Annual Square Foot Costs, Catalog No. 60053
  • Annual Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data, Catalog No. 60303

Please contact the publisher directly if you are interested in obtaining any of these R.S. Means UNIFORMAT II related construction management publications.